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Roderick McKenzie Scholarship
This scholarship was first established in 1930 by the United Farmers of Manitoba as a memorial to the late Roderick McKenzie, one of the founders and, for many years, the secretary of that organization. In 2008, Mrs. Elizabeth Shemilt, daughter of Roderick McKenzie, established an endowment fund at the University of Manitoba with an initial gift of $20,000. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. In 2008, one scholarship of $750 will be offered. Beginning in 2009-2010, the available annual income on the fund will be used to offer one scholarship to an undergraduate student who:

(1) is registered full-time (minimum 24 credit hours), in the third year of study, in any degree program in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences;

(2) is a bona fide resident of the Province of Manitoba;

(3) has achieved highest standing in Natural Resources and Primary Agricultural Production, Genetics, and Basic Statistical Analysis (currently numbered AGRI 1500, PLNT 2520, and STAT 1000);

(4) has passed unconditionally in all subjects required for the first and second years in Agricultural and Food Sciences.

The selection committee shall be the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Awards Committee.
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