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Herb Meier Entrance Scholarship
Herb Meier graduated from the Diploma in Agriculture program at the University of Manitoba in 1964. He was recognized by his classmates as an outstanding student and went on to become a leader in the agricultural community. The Diploma class of 1964 has established a fund in Herb’s memory to provide an entrance scholarship to a student entering the Diploma in Agriculture program at the University of Manitoba. In the first year of the award, it will be presented to a student from the Stonewall area, Mr. Meier’s hometown, while in subsequent years it will be awarded to a student from any region in Manitoba.

One scholarship valued at $500 will be offered to an undergraduate student who:

(1) has achieved a minimum average of 75 percent on those courses used for admission to the Diploma in Agriculture program in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences;

(2) is enrolled in at least 60 percent of a full course load, as defined by the School of Agriculture, in the first year of study in the Diploma in Agriculture program;

(3) has demonstrated both strong leadership abilities and an interest in pursuing a career in agriculture.

Candidates must submit a statement (maximum one page) in which they outline: (a) specific experiences that speak to their strong leadership abilities, and (b) their career plans in agriculture upon completion of the Diploma in Agriculture program.

The selection committee shall be named by the Director of the School of Agriculture and shall include, in addition to the Director, Mrs. Herb Meier (or designate) and a representative of the Diploma class of 1964. The Director of the School of Agriculture shall recommend the successful candidate to the Awards Committee of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, for approval.


Please download the application form from "supporting files" below.

Deadline: October 1, 2017 @ 11:59 p.m.
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