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Bill and Leola Rempel Bursary
Professor William E. Rempel and Mrs. Leola Rempel have established an endowment fund at the University of Manitoba, with a contribution from the Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative. Professor Rempel graduated from the University of Manitoba with a B.S.A. in 1944 and with a M.Sc. in 1946. Professor and Mrs. Rempel wish to assist students in financial need. The fund will be permitted to grow through three donations from the Rempels, to be given to the University in 2000, 2001, and 2002 (or before). The first bursary from the fund will be offered when the available annual income provides an award of at least $700. After that time, the bursary will be valued at the available annual income from the fund and shall be offered to a student who:

(1) is enrolled full-time in the first year of undergraduate study in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, following completion of University 1 or transferring into the Faculty from another institution or Faculty;

(2) has achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (or equivalent);

(3) has demonstrated financial need on the standard University of Manitoba bursary application form.

The selection committee shall be named by the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.


To be eligible for this bursary, please fill out and submit the “University of Manitoba General Bursary Application” now available on Aurora Student
Check the “Student Awards and Financial Aid” Tab and apply

Deadline to apply: October 1, 2014

For more information and to learn about the General bursary criteria, please go to:
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