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Rachel and Issac Sair Scholarship
In memory of his parents, Mr. Samuel Sair has made a testamentary gift to the University of Manitoba to provide scholarship awards in the Faculty of Agriculture. Beginning with the spring series of examinations in 1979, a scholarship valued at $250 will be awarded to a student who:

(1) has completed with high standing at least one year in the undergraduate degree program in Agriculture;

(2) proceeds in the next ensuing academic year to the next year in course toward the B.S.A.

If the student to whom this scholarship is offered does not register as required, the scholarship will then be awarded by reversion to the next qualified candidate. The committee of selection for this scholarship will be named by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture.

The state of the fund supporting this scholarship will be reviewed annually and, if the earnings thereon permit, either the value of the award will be increased or an additional scholarship will be offered.
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