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W.W. Thomson Scholarship
In memory of William Walter Thomson, the medallist of the first graduating class in the degree program in Agricultural and Food Sciences (B.S.A. '11), Mr. W.A. Thomson offers to establish a scholarship fund at The University of Manitoba.

From this fund an annual scholarship will be available for first tenability in the 1983-84 academic year to a student of high academic standing who:

(1) enters upon, or continues with, the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program; or,

(2) holding the B.S.A., registers in the graduate program in Agricultural and Food Sciences.

If two or more candidates for this scholarship are judged equal, preference will be given, when possible, to a student with a rural background.

A student may receive this scholarship a second time but only in competition with other candidates. The selection committee may divide the scholarship between two students.

The value of this scholarship will be the amount of the interest income up to 6 percent of the capital value of the fund. Any earnings in excess of the amount awarded as a scholarship will be added to the capital value of the fund.

The selection committee for this scholarship will be the Awards Committee of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and will include a representative of the Financial Aid and Awards Office.


To be eligible for this award, please fill out and submit all required application documents by the deadline.

Please download the application form from "Supporting Files" below.

Deadline to apply: October 1, 2017 @ 11:59 p.m.
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