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Jack Woodhouse Memorial Bursary
In memory of Mr. John Woodhouse, a longtime staff member of the Department of Animal Science, his wife and friends have established a bursary fund at The University of Manitoba. Following the spring series of examinations, 1980, an annual bursary valued at the available annual income from the fund will be awarded to a student who:

(1) has completed with good standing at least one year of study in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences;

(2) proceeds in the next ensuing academic year into 3rd or 4th year toward a B.S.A. and is enrolled in the Animal Systems program;

(3) is a bursary applicant.

If for any reason a student selected to receive this bursary does not register as required, the bursary will then be awarded by reversion to the next qualified candidate.

If earnings on, and/or further donations to the fund permit, the value of the annual bursary may be increased.

The selection committee for the bursary will be the Awards Committee of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, and will include the Head of Animal Systems, (or designate) and a representative of the Financial Aid and Awards Office.


To be eligible for this bursary, please fill out and submit the “University of Manitoba General Bursary Application” now available on Aurora Student
Check the “Student Awards and Financial Aid” Tab and apply

Deadline to apply: October 1, 2015

For more information and to learn about the General bursary criteria, please go to:
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