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James W. Barlow Graduate Fellowship in Food Science
A fund has been established at The University of Manitoba by James W. Barlow (B.Sc./39) in commemoration of his retirement after a long professional career in the food industry culminating as owner and president of Bariatrix International Inc., a company specializing in nutritionally balanced diet premixes. His contribution of $50,000 has been generously matched from the Graduate Fellowship Matching Funds Program to establish a fund of $100,000 to provide a graduate fellowship in the Department of Food Science in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.

The available annual interest* on the fund is to be awarded each year (effective for the 1994/95 regular session) to a student who:

(a) is enrolled in the M.Sc. program in the Department of Food Science or, in the same department, in the interdepartmental Ph.D. program in Food and Nutritional Sciences;

(b) will conduct thesis research in the discipline of food science; and,

(c) has achieved high standing (3.5 AGPA or higher) in the last two years of an undergraduate and/or graduate program.

The fellowship is to be awarded by annual application but can be awarded to the same student for two consecutive years in the case of an M.Sc. student or for three consecutive years in the case of a Ph.D. student.

The selection committee shall be named by the Chair of the Department of Food Science and must include the Chair of the Departmental Awards Committee.


To be eligible for this award, please fill out and submit all required application documents by the deadline.

Please download the application form from "Supporting Files" below.

Deadline to apply: @ 11:59 p.m.
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