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George F. Skinner Memorial Bursary
In memory of her husband, George F. Skinner (B.S.A./75 M.SC./81), Thuraya Weedon together with George’s friends and colleagues from Service Canada have established an endowment fund at the University of Manitoba. The fund will be used to provide bursary support for graduate students in the Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics. The available annual interest from the fund will be used to provide one bursary to a student who:

(1) is enrolled full time student in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, in the M.Sc. in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics;

(2) has obtained a minimum degree grade point average of 3.0 (or equivalent) based on the last 60 credit hours of study;

(3) has demonstrated financial need on the standard University of Manitoba bursary application form.

The selection committee will be the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Awards Committee.

The Board of Governors of the University of Manitoba has the right to modify the terms of this award if, because of changed conditions, it becomes necessary to do so. Such modification shall conform as closely as possible to the expressed intention of the donor in establishing the award.

About George F. Skinner:
Remembered as an excellent student, as well as a patient, tolerant and kind man, George Frederick Skinner earned a Gold Medal and received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Manitoba. In 1975, he went on to work for the Canadian Transport Commission in Ottawa, eventually returning to his roots in Manitoba where he was employed by the Department of Finance and Industry. In 1994, on a two year interchange assignment, he served as Vice-President, Policy and Research with the Business Council on National Issues. George later returned to the Government of Canada as Director General for Western Economic Diversification Canada. In 2003, George moved to Service Canada as the Regional Executive Head for Manitoba. Saskatchewan operations were added to his responsibilities in 2007.


To be eligible for this bursary, please fill out and submit the “University of Manitoba General Bursary Application” now available on Aurora Student
Check the “Student Awards and Financial Aid” Tab and apply!

Deadline to apply: October 1, 2015

For more information and to learn about the General bursary criteria, please go to:
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