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Dr. Eugene H. “Papa” Lange Memorial Prize in Agriculture
In honour of Dr. Eugene Lange and in acknowledgement of his contribution to developing agricultural leaders with strong communication skills an endowment fund, with an initial value of more than $11,000, has been established in 2013. Dr. Lange served as the Director of the School of Agriculture from 1952 to 1972.The purpose of the fund is to recognize graduating students from the Agriculture Diploma program who demonstrate high academic achievement in communication courses. Beginning in 2013-2014, the available annual interest (rounded to the nearest $100) from the fund will be used to offer one convocation prize to a graduating student who:
(1) has successfully completed the program requirements of the Agriculture Diploma program offered by the School of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba;
(2) has achieved a minimum degree grade point average of3.5;
(3) has achieved the highest combined grade in all of the communications courses offered by the School of Agriculture.
In the event of a tie, the student with the highest overall degree grade point average will be awarded this prize. If a tie persists, the student with the most A+'s in courses counting towards the Diploma in Agriculture will be awarded this prize.
The Director of the School of Agriculture (or designate) will name the selection committee.
The Board of Governors of the University of Manitoba has the right to modify the terms of this award if, because of changed conditions, it becomes necessary to do so. Such modification shall conform as closely as possible to the expressed intention of the donor in establishing the award.

Established: Senate, January 8, 2014
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