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Governor General's Academic Medals
The Governor General offers two medals annually to The University of Manitoba, one silver medal "to the undergraduate who achieves the highest academic standing in a Bachelor degree programme," and one bronze to the student in the Diploma Agriculture level.

The criteria specified for these medals include the following terms:

It is the responsibility of the educational institution to determine a clear winner every year and to resolve academic ties.

It is the responsibility of each educational institution to ensure that medals are presented to recipients at a suitable ceremony, normally graduation or convocation, by an individual sufficiently senior to emphasize the level from which the medal emanates. Medals are presented on behalf of, and in the name of, the Governor General.

In the event of non-award at a particular institution in a given year, the medal is returned to the Chancellery [Honours Directorate].

To assist the selection committee for the silver medal in its deliberations, the dean or director of each undergraduate faculty or school shall nominate one candidate for the silver medal. Final selection will be based solely on academic achievement, specifically on the cumulative awards grade point average on all courses taken to qualify for te Bachelor's degree. to be eligible for this medal, students must have completed a program of study considered to be at least four years in length (inclusive of any qualifying year or years).

The committee will use the following guidelines, when needed, to break ties:

(1) The Cumulative Awards Grade Point Average (C.A.G.P.A.) is to be calculated to the fourth decimal place.

(2) Preference is to be given to students who have a higher portion of A+s and As in a total programme.

(3) Preference is to be given to students who have taken more than the required number of courses.

(4) Preference is to be given to students with a greater proportion of senior or advanced level courses in their total programme.

Rev. 05/91, 07/91
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