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Isbister Undergraduate Schoarship (Diploma & Degree)
Isbister Undergraduate Scholarships are to be offered to students who:

(a) have been ranked above all competitors on the average of the grades on the subjects for which the scholarships are given (or in cases where more than one scholarship is offered, are members of a group that has been so ranked) or have become eligible through reversion; and

(b) have removed at the same examination period, or prior to it, any condition from a previous year that may have been registered against them.
The scholarship is to be used in the annual session following that of the examinations at which it was won. To receive payment, in the next succeeding academic year, the winner must be registered full-time and in attendance at The University of Manitoba or an affiliated college (i) in the same degree course or (ii) in the first year of any other faculty (e.g., Law, Management), if the scholarship has been awarded based on course work completed in University 1, Arts, or Science that meets the minimum prerequisites for admission to that faculty.

Within the faculties and schools, Isbister Undergraduate Scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of highest related average standings irrespective of year and course, subject to the following two provisos:
(a) No Isbister Undergraduate Scholarship shall be awarded in the graduating year of any faculty or school;
(b) No distinction shall be made between general and honours students.

-When a scholarship offered in any faculty or school is to go by default through lack of a qualified candidate, that scholarship will revert to the student within the same division who has the next highest related average standing to the last Isbister winner in that division.
-Should there be one or more scholarships not qualified for within the division in which it is offered, it shall revert to division I.
The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund.


Two scholarships valued at $1,650 each will be offered for the 2014-2015 academic year: one to a diploma student in the School of Agriculture, and one to a degree student in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.
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