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Manitoba Pork Council Prize - Human Nutritional Sciences
An award of $1,000 is offered annually by the Manitoba Pork Council, to a high ranking student entering fourth year in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences. The award will be made to a student who:

(1) is enrolled in the Human Nutritional Sciences program;

(2) has completed the following courses, with the highest combined grade point average:

(a) Nutrition Through the Lifecycle;
(b) Composition, Functional and Nutritional Perspectives of Food; and
(c) Food Preparation and Preservation.

In case of a tie, the student with the highest cumulative GPA would be selected.

The selection committee for this award will be the Agricultural and Food Sciences Awards Committee.

The donor will contact Financial Aid and Awards by March 31 in any year that this award will not be offered.
The Board of Governors of the University of Manitoba has the right to modify the terms of this award if, because of changed conditions, it becomes necessary to do so. Such modification shall conform as closely as possible to the expressed intention of the donor in establishing the award.
Established: May, 1990
July, 1999
August, 2002
Edit May, 2002 - name change of department,
Edit July, 2004 - name change of program
Senate, February 1, 2017
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