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Access to Agriculture Scholarship
A donation has been made to offer an annual award at the University of Manitoba valued at $3,000 per year for a term of 3 years. The purpose of the award is to encourage and support incoming undergraduate students with an interest in pursuing a career in agriculture, but who have not had the opportunity to be raised within a farming family. In years when funding is available from the Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative, the scholarship will be valued at $4,500. Beginning in the 2018 – 2019 and ending in the 2020 – 2021 academic year, one scholarship will be offered each year to an undergraduate student who:
(1) is enrolled full-time (minimum 80% course load) in their first year of study in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences or School of Agriculture in one of the following programs:
(i) B.Sc. (Agribusiness);
(ii) B.Sc. (Agriculture);
(iii) B.Sc. (Agroecology);
(iv) Diploma in Agriculture.
(2) (i) as degree students, have achieved the required minimum entrance average based on those courses used for admission to the University of Manitoba or are being admitted via Advanced Entry with a minimum grade point average of 2.5;
(ii) as diploma students, have achieved the required minimum entrance average of 60% based on their grade 12 high school courses;
(3) demonstrates interest in pursuing a career in any of the following areas: agribusiness and agricultural economics, animal science, entomology, plant science, or soil science;
(4) is from a non-farming family background*.
The candidates will be required to submit a short letter (maximum 500 words) demonstrating how they meet criteria (3) and (4) above.
Preference will be given to students in the Diploma in Agriculture program.
The scholarship is renewable at the value initially offered for the next ensuing academic year up to a maximum of 2 years, or until the end of the award term listed above, provided that the recipient:
(a) continues to be enrolled full-time (minimum 80% course load) in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences or School of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba;
(b) has achieved a minimum degree grade point average of 2.5.
This award will only be offered to one student per academic year. If a student is not eligible for the renewal of this award a new student will be selected who meets criteria (1) through (4). If the scholarship is in a renewal state, the terms of the scholarship may be reviewed, and pending funding may continue until the current student’s maximum renewal term of 2 years has been completed.
* For the purpose of this scholarship a “non-farming family” will be defined as a person whose immediate family is not actively engaged in either the management or day to day activities of earning income from the business to be considered in the business of farming, as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (Income Tax Folio - S4-F11-C1, Meaning of Farming and Farming Business).
The selection committee will be the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Awards Committee.
This agreement may be amended by the mutual consent of the donor (or designate) and the University of Manitoba. All such amendments shall be in writing. In the absence of the donor (or designate), and providing all reasonable efforts have been made to consult, the Board of Governors of the University of Manitoba has the right to modify the terms of this award if, because of changed conditions, it becomes necessary to do so. Such modification shall conform as closely as possible to the expressed intention of the donor in establishing the award.
Established: Senate, January 3, 2018
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