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Daryl F. Kraft Lecture Series on Agricultural Policy
Friends, family, and colleagues of Dr. Daryl F. Kraft have established the Daryl F. Kraft Memorial Endowment Fund at the University of Manitoba. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. The fund will be used to support a number of initiatives that encourage clear and objective discussion of agricultural issues in Canada including, in addition to this occasional lecture series, the Daryl F. Kraft Undergraduate Student Paper Prize in Agricultural Policy, and the Daryl F. Kraft Graduate Fellowship.

The Daryl F. Kraft Lecture Series on Agricultural Policy will be an occasional lecture series to which prominent Canadian or international researchers, who embody the spirit of Daryl Kraft’s approach to policy education and communication, will be invited to deliver one or more seminars plus two public lectures, one of which will normally be presented in a community in rural Manitoba. The frequency of the lecture series will be determined by the availability of an appropriate level of funding and an appropriate speaker.

Expenses related to the lecture series, including the guest lecturer’s honorarium, travel, and accommodations, advertising, and local arrangements will be covered with the balance of the available annual income from the fund and any available unspent revenue from the fund. These monies may be supplemented by sponsorship from university sources and other interested organizations or individuals.

The Lecture Series Committee will select the guest lecturer and be responsible for administering and organizing the lecture series.

The Lecture Series Committee will be chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (or designate) and will also include the Head of the Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics (or designate), an industry/producer representative, up to two members from the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and a representative of the Kraft family as ex officio members.
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